Monday, January 15, 2007

Saturday Night Live

As I mentioned before, Eve and I are obsessed with SATC. We love this show and we always have. So, obviously, this weekend was going to have an SATC theme. (Much to Craig's dismay, I am sure)

Friday night we went wandering around the East Village drinking, trying to find a place to hang out. I am not going to lie, this is the first time Little Italy and the East Village disappointed me. The food in LI was not very good and the random fun that usually accompanies the EV wasn't there. Ok, fine, not a HUGE deal.

Saturday we awoke, went down the West Village and put our name on the wait list for Pastis and went walking around. Found some cool little shops etc, and saw Nigel Barker - from America's Next Top Model! While I don't watch this show regularly, I do watch it enough to have seen Nigel and noted how HOT he is on tv. Lemme tell ya, he is ACTUALLY that good-looking. He was walking around the neighborhood with his kid. SO cute.

We head back to Pastis and get our table. At this point Harp was actively searching for celebs, for those of you who know our little Harpy, you know this is not something you would expect her to do. Hahaha, the celeb-obsession begins!

While we are sitting and eating, Elisha Cuthbert walks in. At this point, I am pretty sure she is stalking us. Ok, while Nigel was totally good-looking and didn't disappoint in person, she kinda did. She is cute, sure, but nothing to write home about. A little disappointing.

We finished brunch and made our way down to the WTC site. Big Daddy hadn't seen it and Eve wanted to hit Century 21. I wasn't in the mood for shopping, so I found a pub and waited for the football games to start.

The rest of the group came and met up with me when they were done supporting the NYC economy and we walked to Canal Street and SoHo.

After shopping some more, we made our way home. Dinner for the evening was going to be Tortilla Flats, a Mexican restaurant that was featured on SATC. This place was awesome! The food was great and not expensive at all. The whole meal for all four of us came to $50! Can you imagine?!

Saturday night is also MisShapes night at Don Hill's. The MisShapes are these DJs who are basically the three coolest people in NYC. They have had Madonna guest DJ for them and often feature secret shows by the likes of the YYYs and The Strokes. So we go.

Boy, this was not our scene. I am talking about hipsters and little mod kids the likes of these eyes have never seen before. I was wanting to leave, as this was not what I was expecting, but then this band gets on stage. No it wasn't any major bands, but it was a really great group from Brooklyn. They were called The Pretty Boys and they totally rocked.

I then lost my wallet and this put a very abrupt and unnecessary end to the evening. Ugh. I am not losing stuff girl and this is the second time in two months that I lost my wallet after not losing anything for like five years! WTF!

Ok, I will post about the rest of our weekend later. I got up kinda early to see Eve off and now I want to sleep.


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