Monday, January 22, 2007

Do you ever wonder?

1) Why people do feel the need to lie over stupid things? If you are going to lie, make it big, make it good. Don't waste karma points on silly little things that people are going to find out anyways.

2) Why people watch shows like Dancing With The Stars when really good, smart shows, like Arrested Development can't stay on the air? I will never understand the sinking of society into this stupid, uncultured, mass. I am soo looking forward to my golden years, when the ignorance is at it's height, and I am forced to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt criticizing some hairstylist about the bob they just did. Ugh, kill me now.

3) Why people can't separate reality from make believe? I am totally guilty of this one. I dreamt I was dating Justin Timberlake the other day and I am now CONVINCED that we would make a truly lovely couple. This is comforting, because after all of my horrible dates, I am now OK with it, because at the very least, Justin and I would work out. It is nice to know this.

4) Why Edmonton doesn't have a better public transportation system? This drives me crazy! I no longer have a car, which I am totally OK with and I have no problem taking the bus (I am over this hit to my ego), however, when it is just as quick for me to walk to work as it is for me to take the bus (around 45 min either way) THIS pisses me off! Make public transportation a more appealing option for people and maybe you will have less pollution, less car accidents, less traffic cops and more ACTUAL cops. (This also ties into my beef about jaywalking tickets)

OK, that is all for now. It was just bugging me, and what better cathartic outlet do I have than this thing?


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Eve said...

Just an FYI, Sean is an actual cop-and refuses to give out traffic tickets of any kind to the average tax payer. But when he pulls over a parole at large with no insurance-- then the tickets abound. His rationale is that taxpayers pay his salary.. which is so true. Why cant all cops think this way?