Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's not a phone, its a headset

I have found new technology. SKYPE!!! I am now able to call land lines for free on my computer. I love technology. So if I call you and there is some weird sounds, its not a phone, its a headset.

I am also in love with the availability of things to do in this city. I walk, and then there is new thing to do! Its great.

So today I did some more shopping. Bought a pair of Moschino capris for $19!!! Can you imagine? Well I couldn't! There was no way in hell I wasn't picking them up! It was too hard to resist. As is most of the shopping here.

I was hoping to come home for Anne's wedding, but unfortunately it doesn't look like its going to work out. That sucks, b/c there are lot of clothes that I so wish I had brought, and a lot that I am so not wearing.

So do you guys like how this post is all about clothes? What else would you expect from me!!! haha, shallow like a puddle. Actually, probably more like a rain drop.

Alrighty peeps! I am going out. Hopefully Jake Gyllenhaal will be there (Jarod, did I spell that right?) He is my NY goal. NICE!

Haha, I love a glass of wine on an empty stomach!

Keep it real!



Eve said...

iris- please keep posting pictures of all of your new purchases, i love seeing your new stuff!!

Also, did he call?



Face Box Master said...

Why can;t I read any other comments. What the hell is this blog thing. On face box I can stalk people. I see no way of stalking people on here. I need something invasive to occupy my time.

-Face Box Master

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