Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm alone, a little drunk and covered in Canada stuff ... I am totally going to get beat up!

I really do! I have never gotten the chance to see her in concert. She has been to Edmonton many times, but unfortunately I have never been able to make it. So today, in the Park, the Summer Stage Concert series featured Canada Day. Jason Collett (who was really good if you haven't had the chance to hear him) Buck 65, who I think is just ridic and ... wait for it ... FEIST!!!!

She was amazing. My girl crush has not gone away. In fact, it has probably grown from seeing her live. There were a lot of people there for the whole day thing. (Well 3 hours, but that is a lot of time to be spending on some random Canucks). Most of them were there for Feist, b/c this is NY and these people do have inherently great taste. The concert was great. It was a great time! I also saw Pamela Wallin. That was neat, not as neat as Feist, but still, a little Canadiana. They were giving out all of this free Canada stuff. So of course, the proud Canuck that I am felt the need to deck myself out in it. Seriously, I had the little paper Canada flag on my bag, the Canada flag temporary tattoo (don't worry mom) and a Canada t-shirt. Seriously, I was obnoxious. But it was great. A couple beers, and a little Canadiana goes a LONG WAY!!!

This afternoon was interesting as well. I randomly walked out of the dorm this AM and hit Washington Square Park just as it started raining. It was nice to just stand under the arch and watch the rain. I like that this city -supports Americana but not in the over-the-top way that DC does. I dig it.

I then walked to SOHO. I need to stop with SOHO. I bought 3 more pairs of shoes, all really good deal. One has the style name Iris ... the narcisist in me had to buy them. hahaha. then I made my way down to Little Italy and had a really good Italian lunch. Talked to this Italian couple from Jersey. They were older, and he was telling me how Canada is opening up the border to increase our population. Is this bullshit? I had nothing to argue with other than US pressure has forced us to change our immigration policy. Can someone please fill me in!!! I hate being unable to properly argue with ignorant Americans!!!

Ok y'all. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! I know I did!




Anonymous said...

hey iris,

Love the canada stuff, cant wait for Canada day in London, its gonna be great!! I love this blog by the way, I think you should blog more often though.

As for the old couple, dont understand his argument, what was he trying to say?? Can you clarify a bit.

keep on blogging!!! cant wait to hear more!


p said...

i think he is c-r-a-z-y

if by opening up our borders he means that we have finally stopped making the chinese pay a "head-tax" then sure.


Iris said...

Ha ha, when I brought up that Alberta has an incredibly low unemployment rate, he claimed that was the reason the borders were being opened up. Ignorant Americans. I hate saying that, but its ridic to me when you don't know that Canada has provinces and NOT states. RIDIC!!!

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