Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holy Shit! I am in New York!

I kinda realized it today. I AM IN NEW YORK!!!

I was walking home (well really, I was trying to hit a couple of sample sales I heard about) from work today, stopped in to a little cheap sushi place, walked out, looked up and there was the Empire State Building. Freaking amazing! I am still in shock that I am able to spend a little time here.

What did I do today .... other than a lot of walking in high heels? Not a lot. I didn't make the sample sales, and I know my credit card company is disappointed, but I probably didn't need the things I was going to buy.

I DID however, get some Yeah Yeah Yeahs tickets! YEAH!!! haha, that will never stop being funny to me! But, I am still trying to get Bloc Party tickets. They are coming here in July, and I REALLY want to go and see them!!!

This is my favorite pic so far ... I got on the wrong train one day and ended up on a train to Brooklyn. No worries, except it TOTALLY creeped me out that there was no one in the station or on the train. It was straight out of a "the world is coming to an end, so everyone has fleed the city" type of movie. Still very cool!

And then this is the problem with sight seeing by yourself. There is no one to take any pics of you, so you end up trying to do it yourself and looking STUPID!!! If you can see it, that is the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. These were both from my Sunday tour.

Ok, enough of that. I am hoping to get to go to the NYC Ballet tomorrow for a whopping $12! They have a student special, and I think it would just be VERY cool to go to the Lincoln Centre and see a ballet. (Do you like the way I am still spelling like a Canadian, eh?!)

Ok, this is Iris, over and out!


Anonymous said...

Oh Iris I am so envious of your new york escapades and I am really gonna miss you in class today. The minority corner will not be the same without you!

I am glad you're having an awesome time and I can't wait to see more pics!!!


Eve said...

iris- you look hella skinny in that picture!!! supermodel!

eves little sister bunny said...


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