Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Wonder

I had a date tonight. It was a great date. One of my oldest girlfriends, Ally, took me out for sushi. I even got to order beer. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a great date and not wonder about the awkward kiss afterwards. I love it!

We were talking tonight, and I was wondering this. Do you know how people are often judged by whether or not they liked high school? You know, usually, the ones that liked high school and remember it fondly are the weird jocks, or the people that just aren't cool people? Well ... Ally and I were talking and we both loved high school. And neither of us are weird, conformist, status-quo types of people. I consider us both people of some depth, with varied interests.

Are we the only ones that liked high school? Are we the only ones that escaped the years of adolscence unscathed? Are we maladjusts for escaping it unscathed? We were never the coolest kids in high school. Don't get me wrong, we were pretty effing cool, but we weren't the ones that people wanted to be like. We were the 'rebels' or as rebel-esque as you could get at Concordia. But I think the people we chose to associate with, even the ones I no longer talk to, were a pretty solid group.

So this is my shout out to all my old high school buddies. The people that saved me from hating my high school experience, and allow me to know reminisce fondly about the insane times at Concordia High School - Class of 1997. Holy shit I'm old!

My only saving grace is my friends from high school will ALWAYS be older and generally, not wiser. I LOVE IT!!!

Memories, misty, rose colored memories. Like the corner of my mind.



Anonymous said...

U 2 arent weird, are you sure about this???


Iris said...

Weird is in the eye of the beholder.

I don't want to see you now.

Ronnie A said...

I hated High School and I am as weird as they come.

p said...

high school was pretty good up until grad.

Iris said...

HEY!!! Not cool dude, not cool.

Anonymous said...

ahh yes...the emu days...I remember them fondly. Conc was unreal and can't be compared to any other high school. But we did leave "unscathed" and perhaps even a bit more adjusted than some.

Anonymous said...

anyone remember "the gas peddle incident"?