Thursday, September 21, 2006


I like music. Thanks, in big part to my friends, I like good music. What I hate is when I hear a band that I LOVE and a song that I LOVE being sold for a car commercial. Yuck! It makes me feel a little dirty inside. Is that weird? It probably is, but I can't help it.


Eve said...

what song?

You obviously didnt get your music taste from me. I like anything pop- I dont know what it is.. i just like feeling like im 16... its fun. Maybe its bc when i was 16 I was too busy wit NIN and Ministry, that I lost out on a part of my youth. Bubble gum pop.

Iris said...

I don't know what it is either. Brit, Christina, Ashlee! I don't understand!!! I remember you making us listen to Ashlee on the way to Vegas. TORTURE!!

Bloc Party has sold a song to Saturn. Sad but true.

p said...

no way!

my heart breaks.

p said...

at least it wasn't of montreal

Iris said...

It might eventually be. EVERYONE is selling their souls / songs to car companies.