Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm sorry, that was HOW much??

After spending three hours strolling through the Forbidden City, we headed out to find some food.

We stumbled upon some random food joint and with much relief, sat dow.

I, like any unprepared foreigner, expect my tourguide - in this case Jarod - to handle all communications.

Since he has lived here and is essentially a bit of an 'egg' he knows what to get and he doesn't disappoint.

One of the things Jarod mentioned about BJ before we left was that beer and smokes are CHEAP, but as per usual, I didn't believe him.

I should have trusted him.

The beer at lunch was 4 yuan. Which roughly translates to $0.80!

Can you imagine?!

And, AND, that was for 580mL.

I almost died.

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