Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Highlight: Shop till you Drop

I went to Italy with a plan to shop. I was saving all of my shopping for Milan - just makes sense right? We were also visiting during one of two sale seasons - yessssssss.

I'm a big fan of consignment stores, and thought consignment in Milan must be off the hook. I'm sure it was, but I couldn't find any of them. The only one I found was Milan's version of the Salvation Army, and well, I did really well in it. Everything was either 1 or  5 Euros. I bought a coat for myself, an amazing scarf, a blazer, a shawl, a silk tie and sports jacket for dad - all for the low price of 27 Euros! Awesome.

RANT: let me complain about the bitchy women in Milan. Not one of you was willing to look at a map, address or  let me finish my question. UGH! Infuriating. Also, you all made me feel totally inadequate, and that isn't very nice.

Our last day in Milan, ma & Aunty Cherry found a department store in our neighborhood and we went a shoppin'. Everything in the store was 50 - 70% off, and well, I like bargains. There I left with a black trench coat, a silky top, floral skirt, grey work dress and I think that's it.

Other purchases included: the raddest leather gloves in Florence, and a wicked grey clutch in Venice. No shopping occurred in Rome.

All-in-all, I'm quite pleased with all the purchases and am still so freaking happy about my secondhand steals. I do regret not getting dad an Italian suit, but it's just a reason to go back right?

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