Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vacation Highlight: Boys Boys Boys

I am single and looking to mingle, so part of the draw of Italy was the cute Italian boys! And cute they were.

Luckily, I was able to travel to a few cities and get a sampling of each's male offerings. Here is my breakdown of the boys of Italy, city-by-city

The men in Rome were ... typically Italian. They filled the stereotype perfectly, though not handsy or physically aggressive. I was told regularly how pretty I was, Bella! Bella! Who me?! *blush*

Rome was great for the ego.

The only boys I really saw here were immigrants and students. There was a definite drop in the flattery, but I think that's because Florence is just more refined. I didn't have the ability to look cute though - it was too cold, so I had to stay bundled. Oye.

Men don't come better dressed than in Milan. I landed and spent the afternoon feeling like a fat, tasteless North American. The men were nice enough, though each and every one was out of my league. Even in my cutest touring outfit I didn't get much love.That might have to do with my noticeable weight gain. DAMN YOU AMAZING FOOD!

I should probably apologize to all Milanese men, but I just couldn't stop staring. A perfectly-tailored suit makes me weak.

Oh Venetian men, you take the cake. Even the older, more weathered gentlemen had it going on. Light eyes, olive skin, and just general good looks, wow.

And I know, if anyone could appreciate my wine-loving ways, a boy from Venice would. They have cocktail hour like 8 times a day. WHAT!?

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