Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vacation Highlight: Getting Religious in Vatican City

Our first day in Rome, a Sunday, we hopped a tour bus (I really like these hop-on hop-off tours for a first day in a city. Helps gives you some bearings, you know?) and made our way around Rome. One of the first stops was Vatican City.
Me, Pa, Ma & Aunty Cherry at Bernini's Piazza San Pietro

As we walked in to St. Peter's Bascillica, my aunt noticed that they were having mass. I haven't been to mass in a very long while. I generally try to avoid anything that makes me feel like a hypocrite, but figured, if I'm going to go to church anywhere, this should be the place.

It also helped that I couldn't understand anything being said and that we walked in half-way through. But for the rest of my life I will be one of the more impressive Catholics, having gone to a mass in St. Pete's.

Question: how much money is Vatican City worth? Talk about opulent. Wowzas.

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Anonymous said...

You are probably the most impressive Catholic I know. So pious!