Monday, March 29, 2010

Vacation Highlight: Switzerland

When I planned on going to Switzerland to see about a boy, I had no idea it would be the perfect ending to an already perfect trip.

Paris was loud. There was a constant buzz to the city, just like there should be. But Parisians are different than any other city-dweller I have encountered. I am not sure why, but the city didn't capture me the way New York did. I mean, NYC was love at first sight, where Paris was lovely, but did not inspire me to pack up and move there.

The train to Bern was stressful to say the least. My nerves were wracked and all day, all I could concentrate on was seeing the Swiss boy I met months ago. Not to mention my luggage had become very large and heavy. oye.

When I got to Bern, the first thing I noticed, other than the boy of course, was the smell - so fresh and so clean - and holy shit was it quiet. That was to be expected, traveling from a city of millions to a city of 200,000 but it still  acted as such a pleasant surprise.

My Swiss friend was an incredible host. Taking me for great food, showing me the sights, introducing me to his friends, drinks all day long, smoking at will, a day trip to Interlaken and not once did he annoy me - a miracle in and of itself.

He was all kinds of great and he didn't make me feel like too much of a burden at any point. Laughing at me wearing ridiculous outfits, recognizing that not only am I loud, but very silly - he was a great punctuation to my trip.

His awesomeness made leaving incredibly difficult though. I haven't been that sad to leave a boy in a very long time, but I did and allowed all of the TGV to read the sadness on my face - it was hard to hide between the tears and all.

For all of my cynicism, my Swiss friend provided me with something I thought I had lost - hope. Hope for something great, something special and more importantly, hope for someone special.

So thanks for the hope Switzerland - it is much appreciated and desperately needed.


Wanderlusting said...

I've sadly never been to Switzerland...I was all set to stay in Geneva and Lucerne for a few days then changed my mind and hoped over to Spain :)

I loved Paris and I can't wait to go back...been a few times already and it truly does capture me. That said, I've never been to NY!

iris said...

NY is my heart - my ex used to say the way I spoke of NYC was the way a person usually talks about a long-lost love. He was totally right.

Loxy said...

I've done NYC twice and think I'm done.

But your romanticism of Europe is really pushing me in that direction. You got hope from your trip. I could use some of that for myself!

iris said...

I had no idea how badly I needed the hope. I feel like I had forgotten what it was like. It's kinda nice.

Anonymous said...

I love hope!! I'm so glad you went on this adventure and I agree with your ex about your NYC obbsession. You know what's only a night bus away from NYC - ME!!! Let's meet there!!