Monday, March 22, 2010


Tomorrow, I leave Switzerland.

I think tomorrow, I will be very sad.

I meet enough boys and have been on enough dates to know when I meet a good guy and when I meet a schmuck.

Unfortunately, I think I have met a good guy.

Why unfortunately? Well, I will likely never see this boy again. He will continue with his life and I will return to mine, and our paths may never cross again. And this makes me very sad.

Funny, cute, kind, smoker, and I have mentioned before, yay for accents. I have come to realize that these qualities are too few and far between in men. Often uptight and judgemental, to meet a person that is ok with you being silly and dressing crazy is a good thing.

Only he lives here and I live there.

So tomorrow, when I board the train and leave Switzerland, I think I will be very sad.


Joanne said...

you're young enough- who is to stop you from staying and saying "the hell with sensibility"? you have the rest of your life to be sensible...

Joanne said...

you're young enough...who's stopping you from staying and saying "to hell with sensibility"?

Anonymous said...

oh Iris!!! Rip that ticket up and say goodbye to Vancouver ;)
Love reading your blog!!