Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vacation Highlight: New Shoes

Before I left for Paris, I knew I wanted to buy one thing: a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Can you imagine?! Louboutins from Paris! l'eek!

Well, thanks to a ridiculously busy January and February at work, I was able to afford a pair. These would officially be the most expensive pair of shoes in my closet. I wasn't going to take this decision lightly.

My first day of wandering, I stumbled upon the Louboutin store by Notre Dame. I wasn't quite ready to go in, but looked through the window, scoping my options. I thought the store was a little small, but whatever.

On my last day of wandering, I directed myself back to the store. I was ready.

I walked in, looked around. The pair I liked from the website were far too expensive, but right next to them were the prettiest shoes I had ever seen.

I asked to try them on, but that store didn't have my size - the flagship store did though.


I made my way through the complicated Paris streets and numbering systems, walked by it a couple of times and finally found it. I walked in, tried them on and fell in love.


Aren't they pretty?!

I may not wear them a lot, obviously, but these shoes are totally a vacation highlight!


Wanderlusting said...


I wish Loubs weren't hell on my feet (I've owned about 6 pairs and only two of them haven't fallen apart on first use...and yes, all the others were legit). So I've learned my listen. No more loubs for me (and I've sold all but three of them!).

iris said...

Don't say that! Although I highly doubt these will see much more than a couple of uses. I have a pair of Manolos that have yet to be worn ... maybe I need a more fabulous life to accommodate my fabulous shoes.