Friday, March 12, 2010

Paris Night 1

Gah - it has been a long day to get here. First, I am an idiot and went to the airport six hours in advance because I got the time of my flight wrong. No, I am not an amateur traveler, I was just a wee excited. 

The flight to London was fine, although I have to say there is something about a British accent that makes me want to be nice to the person with the accent. 

When I departed in London, I ran for my connection and barely made it, though my bags did not. When I landed in Paris, I got a text message from the person I am renting the apartment from. Apparently the one I reserved wasn't available, so he gave me his nicer suite in a different location for the same price. WOO HOO!

Although I had done all of my research for the previous location. 

Oh well. 

I waited for a couple of hours at the airport to get my luggage - otherwise they wouldn't have delivered it until after 10AM tomorrow - um, no. 

So I finally get to the apartment and it's in such a great location! A 5 minute walk to Notre Dame, 10 minutes from Pompidou, and a few more blocks to the Bastille.



I showered, got ready and around 11pm, went to explore. I got totally lost, walked for a few hours and came home nice and early - 2:30AM. My first meal in France - pizza. Nothing was open! I also got hit on.

Boys, if a girl is quietly sitting by herself eating a pizza, don't approach her mid-bite. It is poor form. 

Tomorrow will be another adventure. I have to orient myself to this new neighborhood - metro stops etc.

Where to tomorrow? I'm thinking about hitting the Louvre and doing a couple of museums. Who knows though. 

PS - leggings as pants are totally still ok here! YESSSSS! 

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