Sunday, August 30, 2009

On the Verge

Tonight, I saw Dan Mangan at the Eastside Cultural Centre.

If you haven't heard of Dan, well, I am confident you will soon.

He has been the week's media darling, being everywhere from CBC Radio 3 to the cover of the Georgia Straight. His new cd - Nice Nice, Very Nice - is fucking awesome, and has been on heavy rotation since Josh gave me the cd a few weeks ago (which I promptly went out and bought because it is so good).

It has also gone into heavy rotation on the computers of my cubicle-mate, another co-worker and Sarin.

There is something just totally likable about this dude - he seems like a genuinely nice guy and well, who doesn't want to root for the nice guy.

But back to the show - holy moly was it good. Two encores (well, one was mini, but still), like an 8 piece band backing him at times and all in this really lovely location.

Now, this may be all glow because it was HELL getting the tickets to go to the show. I forgot to buy them, my friend Ash came through, we drove to Aldergrove to get the tickets. Josh came through at the last minute, like the rockstar he is, and Sarin was able to come too.

Fucking brilliant and I really think, this dude is going to do some really cool shit. I just don't see how else it would work out.

Seriously - this video is from two years ago - he has only gotten better.

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