Sunday, November 16, 2008

I had fun

So like I mentioned previously, I am making friends in Vancouver. Sure, most of them are from Edmonton, but I have met a couple of really cool Vancouver-ites.

Friday night, one of these cool Vancouver-ites told me about a show his band, The Painted Birds were doing show as part of the Nearly Famous Music Festival. I hadn't seen him play live and well, you all know how much I enjoy live music. So, Priscilla, Sarin and I put on our best, 'we're cool too' outfits and went to check out the show.

I had never seen a friend perform live before. Other than Jarod's Ukranian dancing, I had never seen the transformation of a person into a rockstar. That alone was reason enough to go. Josh was great and it was really cool to see him morph into this star, groupies and all.

Not only that, but when he came to chat during an acoustic break, I felt pretty cool. I mean, he is with the band! heh.

Saturday was enjoyable. Went to a great Thai resto with Nikki. Cheap and good, what more can you ask for? And then went to hang with P3 and Sia. It was good to see P3, but especially great seeing Sia.

I never really got what was so great about having a dog - that was until Sia walked into my life. But that is enough for a whole other post, so I will save it.

So, yeah. Vancouver. You aren't ALL bad.

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