Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wake-up Call

I used to set them all the time. But I always hated receiving them.

I hate waking up. But today, I kinda got an unexpected wake-up call.

Today, something happened (I won't go into the details here) that made me think about my life and my immediate future.

Not in a deep, reflective sorta way, but thinking nonetheless.

I was thinking about Vancouver. Whether or not this is the place for me. Whether or not I would be willing to leave it tomorrow, if the situation warranted. Whether or not I would be willing to apply and take the job for $60k a year - despite that being considerably more money than I will see for years. Whether or not I am ok with losing the ties I have here, however loose they may be.

And when I was done thinking, I realized I am not really ready to leave Vancouver. That I am starting to have a little life here - with people I generally quite like, things I enjoy doing, and routines I have gotten used to.

For so long, Vancouver was tied to P3 - and that isn't the case anymore. No longer does every god-damn-thing remind me of him.

Thank fucking god.

Oh, on a lighter note, I was outside for my afternoon ciggie today and received a you-can-be-saved type pamphlet.


Know your target audience.


Priscilla said...

Well I know one thing for sure- Vancouver is not ready for you to leave yet. It would be a rainy day. So many more unfinished beach days and West Coast adventures.

iris said...


I am totally not ready to leave. Maybe I will move in with you and your hubby if I quit - then I won't have to pay rent or anything!