Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maybe Vancouver doesn't suck

This week has been brilliant here in Vancouver.

Here's why.

1) As I mentioned before, May was super busy at work. We were down a couple of key people and while the rest of us couldn't pick-up all the slack, we did a pretty fucking good job. So, as a 'Thanks for working your asses off in May' my boss took us on his 98-year old wooden boat.

Fuck is it pretty.

We went along the harbour and lunched by Lonsdale Quay. We saw a yacht with a helicopter wrapped up, and well, it was awesome.

Best. Lunch. Ever.

2) I have been at the beach three times in the past week, or at the very least been by the beach. My walk home and subsequent water taxi ride are still in effect and rocking my world, but I have started to bring a sarong and just sit in the sun for a bit.

So fucking lovely and relaxing. You can't be stressed out about your day after you sit for twenty minutes and just chill out.

3) Friday rocked!

My mission on Friday night was an early evening drunk. I am talking public drinking, with friends, right after work. Now, while the 'right after work' part didn't happen that way, the early evening drunk did.

I met Josh at Kits beach, he had awesomely brought some beer for us, and we sat, drank, chit-chatted, and gawked at the scenery surrounding us. Priscilla soon joined with some friends, and then Sarin met-up with us.

Sitting there, drinking, chatting with friends, I said it out-loud:

Vancouver doesn't suck.
At least right now.

But this week, this glorious week, Vancouver didn't suck.

It's about fucking time.

Also, I have friends, did you notice? I met up with three, yes three people at the beach! And they don't suck. That is pretty fucking cool.


Anonymous said...

Did you guys break out into beach singing?
A little "Under the Boardwalk" perhaps, or,"White Cliffs of Dover"?

Glad you have an ocean to hang out by.


iris said...

There were songs, but you probably wouldn't get it. You need to live by a beach to fully understand.


Move here and then WE can hang out by the beach!

Priscilla Sharun said...

Finally.... you are seeing the greatness that is Vancouver. It lacks the hometown feel and high school friends, but certainly has beauty, beaches and great summer weather to make up for that.

To many more beach Fridays, Sunday and more!!


Anonymous said...

Why live here if you hate it??!!!!

iris said...

Because I, unlike most of the population, actually love my job. And my job is here.