Thursday, June 04, 2009

Debaucherous tales of Las Vegas

I hadn't been to Vegas in years. It had been so long, in fact, that I had forgotten what a ridiculously good time it can be.

This will be the first of several posts, as one would be too long and well, you deserve to know everything in the greatest of details.

What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. At least not when you have a blog.

I was so freaking excited for this trip. I had planned my outfits weeks before, prepped what I had hoped to do, and started to talk about it non-stop to anyone that would listen.

Fuck was I excited. Work had been hella busy, and while this couldn't have been a worse time, it also couldn't have been a better time. A full weekend with no work, no emails, no interweb.

Who was an excited lady?

I was, that's who.

So, Friday morning, I of course slept in a bit, made a mad dash for the border, with several panic attacks in between and boarded what could only be considered the ultimate party plane.

I swear every person on there, except for me, was hammered. (I had no American cash on me, hence the sobriety)

2.5 hours later, I landed in Vegas, ready for what promised to be a fucking gong show.

I hadn't seen the girls since March, so it was super exciting to see them all. Chunk was so pregnant it was shocking! I just had no idea her little body could carry that bump.

So Friday, we shopped, we explored a bit and then we went for dinner. PF Changs. Yeah, it was marginal, at best.

After dinner, Lis & I went for our first little adventure.

First off to Tryst. Yes, the club was beautiful - we are talking going from inside to outside, with a waterfall beautiful - but the music was meh and the boys were meh.

Oh well, as the club was closing, we decided - We need to dance! (At 4 in the morning).

At our request, the cabbie took us to an after-hours.

But it wasn't JUST an after-hours. Oh no, this my friends, was a stripclub.

SAY WHAT!? I don't want nipples with my gin & tonic. We promptly finished our drinks and headed out the door.

It was morning already and time for this night ... morning ... whenever to come to an end. But not before a stop at the Paris Hotel & Casino and the best McD's run ever. Not to mention the funniest.

Good life choices all around. Well except for the stripclub. And the normal club. And the resto.

Ok, so maybe the company compensated for the marginal-nature of the other things.

But still, good life choices.

Next ... Saturday.

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