Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, so after a day which saw Steve do something amazing for me, I was happily going down to my car to drive home.

Yes, sometimes I like to laze a bit too much in the morning and end up driving to work.

Shut up.

Well, I get to my car and notice it is a mess, a much bigger mess than normal.

And then I see it. My window is broken.

Some asshole took a big fucking rock and threw it into my passenger-side window.

So, I survey the damage and realize the only thing they took was my backpack. With my climbing stuff in it.


Those shoes were already broken in perfectly. It was like they were molded for my feet, most days. I was hoping to always have those climbing shoes. They were my first pair and they felt so special to me.

And my harness, beaner and belay device were all there too.

And what the hell are they going to do with my climbing gear? Get like $30 bucks for it.


I know I am retarded leotarded for leaving it in my car, but I always do. I am just so annoyed that in a parking garage, in downtown Vancouver, during the day, on a Thursday, these random acts of violence can occur.

Shouldn't petty thieves be relegated to night-time activities? Shouldn't they at least have a little fear of getting caught?


Well, at the very least my stuff is in the hands of someone with some balls.



mylifeontheelist said...

My car sucks but I don't lock the doors anymore. I just don't want to deal with anyone breaking the windows. It has a club on it, and a shocking quantity of stuff in the trunk...

But you're right, petty crime is SO frustrating - because you know that its worth to you is so much more than they'd ever get for it.

Eve said...

hey $30 bucks can probalby buy a hit of meth on the street.

Eve said...
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MarielD said...

That's too bad! Last year Aaron's parents came to visit on their way to the island for a golfing trip. They parked their truck in a parking garage that was supposed to be monitored. Someone smashed their window and took Aaron's mom's golf clubs. Sunny side is that it gave Aaron's mom an excuse to get new clubs. :) There's always a sunny-side, Iris. When you get your new shoes, we'll have a small memorial for your first pair... oh yeah... and DRINK!

Anonymous said...

I would check the pawns shops in the DTES and then invest in a car alarm. I am sorry for you though - th last time I got my car broken into they took my D&G Sunglasses - you can just imagine how upset I was!!