Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh thank God

I went to Bloc Party tonight at the Commodore. I was really nervous for this show - not because of the social anxiety stuff, but because the last time I saw BP, they rocked my world.

I wasn't sure if it was them, or the location (a former pool in Brooklyn) or my whole 'New York' haze.

And well, I was nervous that seeing them again would tarnish my memory of their shows. Tarnish, what up until this point, has been the best concert experience of my life.

Thankfully, tonight's show didn't ruin my memory. In fact, it reinforced it. It wasn't just the location - they really are that good.

In fact, they fucking rocked.

High energy, good mix of old and new, with a good chunk of the old coming at the very end of the show, to act as the best exclamation point on the show.

So fucking good!

There you have it, not everything in life will disappoint you.

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Anonymous said...

And now I know why you were not at work today.