Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sleep little ones, sleep

After getting home at 5 in the morning, Sunday was dedicated to sleep. Beautiful sleep. We woke up craving a burger. We trotted off the The Keg for a burger, as this was the only place the concierge could think of. (Idiots by the way)

We head back to the hotel after a burger and we rent a pay-per-view movie and fall asleep. At around 9ish Ally and I decide to get ready and maybe see the outside world.

A couple of friends from Edmonton were in town and they came over. We headed to The Yale Hotel for some live blues. This was a most interesting evening out. A little shady, as most blues bars seem to be, but really good music. We also saw these two 'couples' hanging out. When I say couples, I really mean two young hookers and their dirty, old men johns. Our attention was on these two the entire night. We actually came up with little reality show, named after their drink of choice, Candy Apples. Yuck!

After the blues bar, we went to Republic. This was possibly one of the nicest clubs I have gone to in a really long time. Great space, cute boys and a really great live band. Sure they were a cover band, but they were playing EVERYTHING, and they did it all really well and in an interesting way.

Went home and then went to bed after this. No need for another 5AM-er.

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