Monday, March 26, 2007

Flirting is a two-person verb

Definition - Ally Ng.

Is it though? I am often concerned that what I construe as flirting, another just thinks is being nice. How far can signals get mixed?

I had a very pleasant weekend by the way. Thursday was fun, went out with a buddy from work and got drunkity drunk drunk. Not overly sloppy though, which is a little too rare for me.

Friday was nice, worked with Brandorf and then went out to this really good dj. Got to see Lis and Kristin, danced and wore a pair of my favorite shoes (ALL IN ONE NIGHT!). I knew I needed to dance because I have been chair dancing every chance I get. I did get sloppy drunk this night though. What is it about last call? Last Call - Iris "Sure, I'll have another one" totally regardless of how full the other one is. After this many years of going out, how have I not learned better?

Sat morning was great. Dropped Ally off, met up with a friend, grabbed a coffee and sat in the park. Why don't more mornings start like this? This is how EVERYDAY should start.

So yes, it was an all-around pleasant weekend. Thanks for asking.


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Anonymous said...

Sloppy Iris!