Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sky Rockets in Flight


Ahhh ... Rainy Vancouver.

I have mentioned a few times about the hate-on I have for Vancouver. However, one of my dearest friends, Ally, and I decided to take a weekend vacation and head west. We left Saturday early morning and arrived in a rain-drenched Vancouver. (Rain is going to be the theme here, so get used to reading the word.) We checked into our hotel and got ready to explore.

While we had umbrellas, it did not prevent us from getting soaked. We went for some GREAT sushi. The sushi was so great in Vancouver and I don't know how I never really noticed this. Then it was a solid day of shopping. Thanks to the change in seasons, there were some great sales. This post really could be all about the shopping, but I will try to resist. After shopping our butts off, we went for a hot tub and swim at the hotel.

It then felt fitting to watch some tv and relax. After a few hours of this, we went to dinner at this great restaurant on Robson. After dinner, we met up with Ally's friend and went to some warehouse where her friend was playing. Random. This was a lot of fun. Cheap beer, live music, what more could a girl want?

Well ... we then went to this club downtown and got to hear some very cool djs and see a real-live mosh pit. I didn't really realize the mosh pit still exists. Hasn't society moved past this yet? Also, this was probably the scariest walk to a bank machine ever! It was seriously like Shawn of the Dead. The regular DJ at this joint is a guy I saw here and thought he was totally wicked. At this club, however, Ally's friend ran into some other people she knows and we went to hang out at this studio (recording, not living). This was hella cool. I swear, if I do anything cool, it is solely because of my friends. Otherwise, I would sit around and be incredibly lame.

The space was amazing, the people were cool. I can't remember the band's name, but I would love it if they became uber-famous, and I could say "I totally partied with them once." I digress. They were also really nice guys. Although one of them was just a little ... off. Told me I sounded really white (what does that mean!?), mentioned to Ally how he had never known a Chinese person, and then asked me to punch him in the skull. I think all the sex, drugs and rock n' roll had really fried his brains.

There was also some minor flirting going on. It's funny, some boys LOVE that I am passionate about football, others, it totally turns them off. Whatever, should you voice an opinion I know is wrong, I will let you know. The only reason I bring up the flirting is because I haven't gotten my flirt on in a really long time. It is nice to know that once you hit 26 it isn't all down hill from there.

I will post the rest of the trip throughout the day, as my work allows.


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