Thursday, March 15, 2007

I love me a little concrete

Every other time I have been to Vancouver, I have only kinda enjoyed it. Sure, it's pretty and shit, but I haven't fallen for it.

While I still haven't fallen for it, I did realize there are parts of it I really like. On Monday we went shopping in Yaletown. Nikki has taken through Yaletown before, but it was snowing that time, and well, no one likes to shop outside when it is snowing.

Ally had gone for a walk obscenely early in the morning and came back announcing to me it was a glorious day outside. Nikki also had to call and tell me the same thing. Glorious indeed. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, there was not a cloud in the sky.

A shopping we went. Now, Nikki had made it clear to me that I would love Yaletown. I have often said I am a huge fan of the concrete jungles of the world. Yaletown is this in Vancouver.

We hit Yaletown and I went crazy. First I was painfully hungover. It is funny how sales and shopping and spending money will instantly make a person feel better. Yaletown is a bunch of cool boutiques and nice restaurants.

We did a little shopping, met some friends for lunch at this really nice little restaurant and shopped our asses off.

After an exhausting day of shopping, Al and I went back to the hotel to recuperate. We slept and then went out for dinner with Nikki. The dinner with Nikki was frustrating. Nikki was surprisingly not the frustrating part, the waiter was. A little bad service can really screw up an otherwise enjoyable time.

Next up, Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the part that I am supposed to say thanks for thinking I'm not frustrating?? Am I not the one that found the job ad for you!!