Thursday, August 18, 2011

WTF ...

was I thinking? Booking a last minute trip to Europe?! This is not me. I'm usually so researched and prepared for adventures.

I leave on Friday and I am neither.

Who JUST found a place to sleep in Amsterdam? This girl. I'm also a little stressed about the language barrier. For both Italy & France I was listening to language podcasts weeks before. This time, there were no weeks before.


AND to be super adventurous (read: slightly stupid) I've arranged for a couple of dates in each city. Thanks OkCupid!

So, play nice Berlin, Amsterdam and maybe Bruges, I just don't want to cry.


Caty Marzi said...

Where in France are you? If you're near Toulouse I'll hook you up with my cousin Maxime.

Iris Dias said...

Not France this time. I was in France early last year. Wait, is Maxime a single male? Because travel plans are easily altered. ;-)

Loxy said...

Did you find you had to use French or Italian in your past travels? It seemed like most of Europe, until I went to small towns, was passable with just English - including Amsterdam, Berlin and Bruges. :)

Iris Dias said...

I didn't use them a ton - not that I knew a ton - but I got the gist of the basics and could at least fake enough of something to feel confident. But it's good to know I won't be harassed for be ignant.