Saturday, April 05, 2008

Let's go Oilers!

First of all, a big word of thanks to Nikki for inviting me to my first hockey game of the season on Thursday. The topper on this hockey sundae, is the fact that it was the last game for your Edmonton Oilers.

AND it was a pivotal game for the Canucks. They were fighting for a playoff berth and well, the Oil ruined that hope.

The game was great. I was drunk, beligerent and getting a ton of dirty looks. And I loved it. I got out a ton of my aggression that has built up for the past little while.


Oh, and the Oilers won. They eliminated the Canucks and I got to flex the knowledge I have gained from Smelly Paul. I knew being friends with him would pay off eventually.

But yes, so much freaking fun. I think I might actually buy tickets to Oilers games next year.

What is it about being in a different city that inspires civic pride in me?

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