Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Could this be home?

Ok, so I moved into a new apartment yesterday. I kinda took it out of frustration from finding a place, I liked it and it was in my budget - the upper limits, but there is no need to talk about that - and it was in a GREAT location.

But today was the day I got my shit. All of the shit I had accumulated in Edmonton finally arrived, Ron, mom and I set it all up and suddenly it feels like I have a home.

I have missed this feeling. For the first time in months I am sleeping in MY bed. Yes, the beautiful cloud I have for a bed has returned. Even just writing this post in it feels great.

I really hope this makes things better out here. God do I hope. I mean, things couldn't have felt much worse for me, so ... it makes sense to reason that this would only help the mood and funk that I have been in as of late.

I am also really glad Ron is here.

An outlet for the lack of friends I have is always, ALWAYS welcome.

I kinda just want to start being me again. The person that likes her life and likes the things that she does and like the people she sees and likes the things that make even the most mundane things fun.

I like that person. A lot.

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Anonymous said...

I like that person a lot too!!!

Give me a call when all your visitors are gone.