Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ok, it's pretty

Sure it's pretty. I will give Vancouver that. It is a very pretty city - mountains, beaches, flowers - and that might be able to save it during the summer.

The biggest reason I came to this startling realization is because of Steve. Yes, of Jarod and Steve.

Steve came down for a concert (see the next post) and Jarod was at a conference, so it was Steve and I for the weekend.

He came in early (like 7:40AM early) on Saturday. The weather was fucking beautiful. Like blue skies, sun shining beautiful. We went for breakfast to Sophie's Cosmic Cafe. (Steve's dog's name is Sophie, so he got quite the kick out of it) And then we walked.

We walked from my apartment (Kits) to Granville Island. Took the water taxi to Yaletown, walked from Yaletown around English Bay and then to my work.

I have always said, to see a city you have to walk it. Driving just won't do. That is why I think I could never like LA. Gah. LA. Of course a city full of vapid narcissts would be a driving city.

Tangent - sorry.

But yes, walking gives Vancouver a whole new ... something.

Also, did I mention I am like four blocks from the beach?

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