Sunday, February 03, 2008

Maybe it's an inner-ear thing

Most people would agree, a balance is necessary in every aspect of your life. I have believd this for a while, too much of anything is a bad thing.

Well, I have very little balance lately and I am totally sober ... most of the time.

You see, I have two really great aspects of my life, amazing friends and a killer job. It just so happens that they don't exist in the same city. So I figure I will overload with work whilst in Vancouver and overload on friends when I get to go to Edmonton.

I just got back from the City of Champions and again, it did not disappoint. I got to see everyone, got to chat with everyone and I was reminded that social interactions don't always have to be awkward and unsettling, they can actually be comforting and relaxed.

And again, it was a little disappointing to return to Vancouver, but what can you do??

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