Friday, February 15, 2008

I think I am addicted to speed

No seriously, but not the drug-kind.

I went speed dating last night. I have always wanted to do it, so I dragged my friend Nikki with me and we went. Neither of us was expecting anything. Neither of us thought we would have any yesses and all we were expecting was a couple of horror stories to tell our friends.

Well, that was probably the most fun I have had in a really long time.

It was held at this nice pub on Granville. It was totally chaotic in the beginning, due to a lack of planning on the part of the organizers (I kept on thinking, why didn't you do a SWOT analysis of this?!). But the night ended up being fun.

I am sure I have mentioned this before, I have severe social anxiety. I can't do large groups, I am quiet, which comes off as snobby and I just end up sitting by myself. This was perfect though. I didn't have enough time to get nervous and I found the cuter guys (as per usual) ended up being duds. Now, granted, I was no where near being sober. I wasn't fall-off-my-chair drunk, but I definitely wasn't work-sober.

The first few were tough and I wish I could take back one yes, but it was my second date of the night and the first one was not my type. But as the night progressed, it got way easier. There was only one date that was truly painful and I was counting down the three-minutes, but the rest of them were tolerable.

And, it is amazing how much I swear after a few drinks. Like the filter comes totally off. I curse like a sailor at times and it is really polarizing. Either the guy was totally turned on by it or so put off that I could see it on their face.

Fuck was that a fun night.

I would happily do it again. Easily the most fun I have had in Vancouver in forever.

Good Times.

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