Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gay for Jarod

Well, not really. But he is pretty fun.

Jarod came for a visit this weekend. The thing with Jarod is that he is ... whatever. Literally, "Jarod, do you want to ...?" Jarod:"Whatever"

He is up for anything and if it sucks, he will inform you. Happily.

He got in Thursday night, we went for dinner, late. We only ate at like 10PM. Dinner was really good. Mashed potato spring rolls, proscuitto pizza ... MMMMM. Not healthy, but so good. The place was called Lickerish. Really good. Then we came back here and proceeded to play Wii until 2 AM. And I had to work the next day.

The next day was torture. I was horribly tired and it was my busiest day at work yet. I didn't even have the chance to properly Facebook. Hi, busy. But Jarod met me for lunch, picked me up and chilled out for a bit. We went to a Japanese tapas restaurant by my place. Again, really good. Super ineresting dishes and sushi. What more could you want?

After dinner, we had tickets to check out Mark Farina at the Commodore. He was really good. Some danceable, not too hyper, house music. I got to dance my little butt off and watch Jarod shake his ass.

Saturday was going to be an adventure. Jarod found out that Harrison Hot Springs is close to Vancouver, so off we went at a ridiculously early time. The drive was like Lord of the Rings, all misty mountain hoppy.

When we get to Harrison, we find the resort, assuming you can buy a day pass and hang-out. Oh no. You have to have a service at the spa, and the only one she had available was a 25-minute massage for $60. We passed and decided to go for the cheap, public version.

Now, I don't really get hot springs. They end up being like hot pools, especially when they are indoors - which the public one was. It was a little low brow, but then again, so are Jarod and I. But it was fun to get a little randomness in, with a person who might actually be more random than me. Weird.

Any more visitors? Smelly? Harp? Eve? ANYONE???


Anonymous said...

u have WII???

I want to come visit.


Iris said...

I do have a Wii. It was my settlement in the break-up.