Sunday, December 16, 2007

Breakin up is hard to do

Ok, that might be the understatement of the century, especially when you live with the person.

You always think, when you start a relationship, "Could this be it?" Funny how chances are, it isn't.

Think about it, no relationships work out until the one that finally does. So I know I am not alone in my misery, in fact, because I have been unable to find a place to call home yet, I share my misery with my ex.

How messed up is that? I swear, the comedy of errors that is my life would make a very weird little movie. I am convinced.

So I sit here on a Sunday, waiting to go and view a couple of places and keep my fingers crossed that I can live in one of them.

The other thing that really sucks is that he has become one of my best friends. Not to mention one of my only friends in Vancouver. I am now down to three. AWESOME!

There it is. My inability to forge a lasting romantic relationship appears to have taken over again.


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