Friday, December 07, 2007

And now, back to you Iris

I have not been me. I have not been me since I moved to Vancouver. Who have I been? I have no idea.

I have gotten away from the things I love. Aimlessly wandering around the city and finding randomness in my day.

Have I mentioned I love the random things in life? Well I do. Very much.

I was hell-bent on doing my own thang yesterday. This consisted of me spending a little friendly time after work and heading to the Art Gallery.

I am not an art connosuer. I like art, but not all of it and I definitely don’t get a lot of it.
The gallery itself is very nice, although they really need to re-do their restrooms. I have seen nicer ones in the Greyhound station in Edmonton. (Don’t ask why I was there) The gallery had a very interesting Georgia O’Keefe exhibit, some weird short films (like seriously weird) and then of course, Emily Carr. Oh Emily Carr, the jewel of Canadian art.

The thing that disappointed me, other than the bathrooms, was the fact that I was fully expecting the Monet to Dali exhibit. I love love love Dali. But it wasn’t there. Ugh.

Oh yeah, I also found this spot in Vancouver that SOO reminded me of New York. There is a spot on the steps of the Art Gallery that felt so much like the park across from The Plaza. Old hotel going through renovations, a fountain, cars stuck in traffic – ah the joys of the city.

All in all my favorite of my Vancouver days so far. It was the first time in a very long time that I was Iris… the coolest person ever! (Ok, just to me and Smelly, but whatev)


Anonymous said...

that sounds like a lot of fun. Sucks that there was no dali!

ps. i am the coolest person you know


Anonymous said...

you are misrepresenting my feelings on cool

p1 (a.k.a. smelly)