Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's in the stars.

So I was bored at my mind numbing job the other day and I was reading my horoscope. Now I do think that there is a grain of truth to these things. I am not saying I live my life by them, but I am a TOTAL capricorn. But this time, holy shitballs, this thing was totally true! So here it is. Enjoy.

Your ability to go with the flow of change might be strained now as you realize how many things are actually beyond your control. If you are secure enough in your own world, you'll be able to let go of certain responsibilities. On the other hand, you can react with an iron fist as you try to keep your life from falling apart at the seams. Try not to stress as things will begin to settle back down in a couple of days.

Falling apart at the seams? HA! I don't have any seams left. So I guess it isn't that true afterall.



p said...

that thing is so freaky.

that thing speaks the truth.

take that from a fellow cap. what's with that?


Anonymous said...

You have an ability to go with change. Thats a good one. HAHAHA. I want to be a horoscope writer, I cant believe people believe that shit, how many days of it being wrong did it finally end up with one that was relevent.