Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wrap-Up Report: Italy

My vacation highlights are coming, but I'm a seriously jet-lagged little girl with some stuff to say.

With that, forgive me for the sentimentality of this post.

The trip had its highs and its lows. An amazing birthday was followed by some intense family stuff. By the end of the two weeks, almost everything my parents said and did grated on my nerves to some extent, but today, I am so grateful to have had that time with them. So grateful to see my ma get excited about something, see my dad get a little bit sappy, and to just remember what they are like as people.

For all of our familial quirks and difficulties, this little group of three is all the family I think I could ever want or need. The life my parents have given me blows me away on an almost daily basis. And though each of us has our faults, I am so blessed to have two people that love me in such an unconditional, big way.

So the overall impression of this trip: I am one lucky chick. In so many ways.

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