Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm camping this weekend

The goal is to turn everything off - no BBM, no Facebook, no Twitter, no nothing.

Well, there will still be texting and calling, but going without those would be ludacris!

Tonight, Jarod, Steve & I are hitting Elk Island Park for a little overnight trip. Me, two gays and a big dog in one tent. I'm so excited.

Jarod and I get to set up the site soon.

I'm pretty sure it will go something like this:

I'll talk to you all in a few days.


Anonymous said...

God that SERIOUSLY made my day. I was laughing thinking which one would be you and which one would be Jarod, and first I was thinking well you would be the one sitting just staring and then I remember our one and only camping trip and realized you would be the guy in the wife beater and now I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!!

iris said...

HILARIOUS right? heh.

And I don't think you should be talking about our camping trip -- do you remember SMADS?! heh.