Monday, October 05, 2009


We got up late on Tuesday. It was awesome.

When we woke up, we knew one thing - we were hitting the hotel's buffet. And we were excited.

If you haven't been, Vegas buffets are a thing of beauty - samplings from around the world, decadent desserts, and sometimes, champagne.

The Wynn's was truly magical. The room we ate in looked like something out of Alice and Wonderland and holy fuck were there desserts. Shot-sized tiramisu and rice pudding, ice cream, various cakes and tortes and good god nearly everything. I had 7 items from the dessert section and I have mentioned, I am not a huge dessert fan.

We sat, we gorged, and then we slept.

It was awesome.

That night, we went to Pure. You will read more about it soon enough. We promptly left there, and went to Lavo at the Venetian. The music was good, the boys were more up our alley and we danced.

We were even home early - 4:30.

See, we can be good too.

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