Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Don't get your hopes up

I tell myself that all the time. Whenever I have gotten my hopes up, like really up, I am always disappointed. I am always left sitting there wondering, why did I do that again?

This is just the cynic in me I suppose. I know people who are constantly seeing the 'bright-side" of things and continue to do so, regardless of the outcome. In fact, I believe these same people are rarely disappointed. Otherwise, why would they continue to be so happy-go-lucky retarded?

Ok, that was mean, but seriously. If you don't expect / hope for anything, how can you be disappointed. Keep your feet firmly planted in reality and you are good to go. Right?

It really does take the excitement out of things though. But I think my body has taken enough disappointment for one lifetime, so a lack of excitement is ok with me.

Also, I think I was standing next to my soulmate and didn't even realize it. Can you imagine?? Here is the proof.

Don't judge the belly. I had starved myself all day to look skinny enough for the outfit, and then drink beer. How stupid am I??


Anonymous said...

iris- you look like a christmas tree!! Im going to send this into glamour magazines "fashion donts" hahahahhaa!!

ok, that was a little mean.. but it was meant to be funny. Please dont take offense.

Iris said...

Whatever EVE! I know it was you who left that mean comment. Sure I look like a Christmas tree, but I stand by the outfit! I STAND BY IT!

Anonymous said...

Was this an early Halloween costume party? What the F?

Iris said...


I will be wearing it out ALL the time now. This has now become the only outfit in my closet. JERKS! ALL OF YOU!