Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I get it now

Ok, so I didn't realize that you needed to add a player to make the playlist play. Duh. I give up. I have spent almost an hour trying to figure out the player. So whatever. I don't have sound on my firefox right now (a whole other situation) and there are no speakers at work. Sound sometimes escapes me. Meh. Deal with it.

Has anyone seen the Hyper Hypo skit on SNL many moons ago. Well, I am pretty sure I am starting to become a hyper hypo. I had a unreasonably exhausting back-to-back this morning and to fuel it, I consumed 4 (YES 4!!) cups of green tea. I really feel bad for my co-workers, because I was like a caged animal. Every chance I got, I was talking, and talking at speeds not necessarily meant for humans.

In case you don't remember the SNL clip, here it is from our friends at YouTube. Oh, sweet YouTube. What did we do before the internet? My re-enactment of the clip PALES in comparison to the actual thing. It would have been totally disappointing.

And, hi. Britney Spears is crazy. I am not going to talk about it, but I am often thinking about how crazy she is. My life is sad, I have said it before. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

Ok, that enough of this caffeine induced post. Sorry for the rambling.



Anonymous said...

Holy hyper Batman!!

Ronnie A said...

I was just talking with some friends about this skit the night before you posted this blog. You're the devil!!!