Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Lack of Posts

Here I thought when I moved to Dubai I'd have a ton of things to write about and share. Turns out I've had very little I've wanted to share.

The biggest reason is I'm too busy to really explore. Between the job and the apartment hunt, my life isn't spent going out and seeing the sites, it's spent being productive and grown up.

Plus it doesn't help that I am currently staying in a hotel out by the airport - where there is nothing of interest close by.

Anyways. I had a lovely weekend, actually. I went out each day this weekend - Thursday with a friend I know from Slave Lake, Friday was our office party which was the fanciest party I may have ever been to, and Saturday I went to a high school friend's house for brunch.

AND I saw my first camel. Neat!

After a really nice weekend, I should have known that Sunday would kick my ass. (Have I mentioned how Sundays are Monday here? It totally throws me off my game.)

Well, kick my ass it did. From FedEx woes, to apartment hunting blues, to just dealing with the bureaucratic bullshit that one has to deal with when they move across the world - today was hard.

I miss everything. My apartment, my furniture, the ease of Canada, my friends, my family and (not surprisingly) most of all Eric.

To counteract the rest of the day, I skipped dinner, ate chips and drank two glasses of wine.

Today Dubai won, but at least I'm woman enough to admit it.

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