Monday, September 07, 2009

yes yes yes!

I mentioned previously how I had been THISCLOSE to seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs twice before.

As someone who has no patience, or tolerance for not getting my way, the fact that Karen, Nick and Brian had eluded me this long was torture.

My over-active imagination had built their shows up to something ... almost religious.

Through the interweb and the vastness of YouTube, their performances were, in my mind, legendary. As Sarin and I were driving to SEA, I said: "I worry they won't live up to my expectations."

Um, yeah, I'm retarded leotarded. They totally blew me away.

I have never seen a performer command a stage and control an audience like that. Karen O., my longtime girl crush, was incomparable. She was theatrical, but unpretentious. Engaging, but effortless. Grateful, but authentic.

After Maps, she said "I love you guys - and I don't say that to every crowd." And you believed her, because she's Karen O and well, she wouldn't lie.

She would drink water, then spit it in the air and on herself. She put the mike in her mouth and held it there. She fucking rocked Maps semi-acoustically.

One of the things I was most excited for were her costumes. Karen is legendary for dramatic and over-the-top costumes. Again, she didn't disappoint. Her opening outfit was this crazy string-like thing. From there out she added and subtracted elements, making her costumes part of the show.

Officially, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were ... perfect. And lived up to every expectation I had put on them.

It was shorter than I would have wanted, although no length of time would have satisfied me. Regardless, I was glued to the stage. Even those big inflatable eyeballs couldn't distract me. I was angry when I was pushed, out of sheer irritation that my attention was being diverted. It was needed elsewhere - straight ahead.

In summary - best. show. ever.

I took a few pics. Here they are. *Note: I am not a photog, nor do I claim to be.

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