Sunday, January 04, 2009

According to the critics

Last year, I did a month-by-month recount. To be totally honest with you, I don't think that is possible this year.

Not because this year wasn't good, but just because it wasn't as monumental as last year. So this year will be a random best-of.

So here it goes, probably a little disjointed, but so am I.

Best activity: Hands down, rock climbing

I love climbing. I never thought I would like it as much as I do, but here
I am, blogging about it.


There is something so satisfying about finishing a hard route, or moving
up to the next difficulty. The best part about it? It is the only time in my
day that I am quiet - my head is concentrating on only one thing and my
whole body is pursuing that one thing.

It is incredible.

And, the boys are pretty cute.

Worst activity: Sailing

I came up with this plan this year - to eventually retire on a boat. So, I signed up for sailing lessons and was ready to fall in love with sailing.

That didn't happen.

Maybe it was because there was no wind and it was more tedious than exciting, I just didn't dig it.

Plus, those sails are really heavy.

See, I am not that granola.

Favorite big-ticket purchase: moving my shit to Vancouver

Sure, it wasn't really a purchase, but it was fucking expensive.

I was totally in denial. I didn't REALLY need my furniture out here, really, what was the big deal??

I can't believe I ever thought that way. It was a HUGE deal. The second I got my couch and my bed and my everything, Vancouver started to feel like home. I started to feel like me and life started to improve.

Seriously. I wouldn't have believed it either.

Favorite new shoes: Tie - climbing shoes and black Kenneth Cole Mary Janes

The climbing shoes are ugly, they stink and they hurt my feet a lot of times, but I love them. I took them to China with me and looked at them longingly because I couldn't use them. I just got them re-soled and they are like new! Yay!

The Kenneth Coles, well, they are fucking hot. I get compliments on them all the time and they make my legs look fucking awesome.

I forgot them in Beijing and now have to pay $50 to get them back. THIS is the problem with traveling.

Favorite thing about Vancouver: Walking home from work and the water taxi

During the summer, I discovered the water taxi. It is awesome.

On nice days, when I have my flats with me, I walk home from work and take the water taxi to get across the bay.

When I get to English Bay, I sit on a log, look west to the mountains, ships and Stanley Park and smoke. Ahh.

It is the perfect way to end a day.

The water taxi brings me to Kits beach and the perfect walk home.

It makes me happy like a mo-fo.

Love of the year: Sia
When I lived with P3, I didn't really get it. Sia was his and that was that.

Then, just before my birthday, she had a seizure and I have never been more scared. Not even when I was in hospital.

She couldn't walk and you could see the fear in her eyes. It was devastating.

That is when I finally got it - she is everything a person could ask for and more. And I would be lost without her.

When I couldn't walk, I credit Sia with getting me out there and walking. When I was going through a rough break up, Sia came and sat with me while I cried. Now, all I need is a little Sia love and my day is better and my world is happy.

She is the best thing in the fucking world.

And the love she gives is unconditional. Her happiness to see you is not faked and everything about her is perfect. She is a little damaged, which makes her all the more special. She doesn't like everyone and it takes her a while to really warm up to someone. But now, I am pretty sure, she loves me as much as she loves P3 - he gets jelly, it is both funny and a little sad *for him, not me, I get nothing but joy out of it*.

She is lovely. She is the loveliest brown color. She is my puppy love. She is Sia.

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