Sunday, September 21, 2008


Has it really been a year? A YEAR since I moved out to Vancouver!

Yes, it has. It seems like yesterday I was driving out here with P3 and here I am a year later and none the wiser.

No that isn't true. I have learned a lot this past year. Learned to stand on my own two feet, with no one around but my thoughts and fears and all that ick stuff.

While I still think Vancouver is bullshit, I am starting to form a bit of a life out here. It is nice and it is weird, all at the same time. This isn't my home, but it is where I live.

My life here, while fulfilling, is fairly uneventful. I cannot compare it to New York, because, well, that was a fantasy life, full of fun and excitement and new adventures and boys. But here, I am doing things I have never done, falling in love with things that I never expected and finding out how to be me in this wretched city.

It's starting to rain again. Here we go again. Let the suicide attempts start.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, moving to a new city is nuts! I left my native Los Angeles for college in Florida and freaked out for a bit. Now, I am happy to be back home and absolutely love to visit Florida.

Adam Snider said...

"Vancouver is bullshit." Ha! I should show this to my friends who seem to think than Van City is some sort of heaven on Earth where all of their woes will be washed away by the non-stop winter rain.

iris said...

Adam, almost every Albertan I know thinks Vancouver is a modern day Eden. Well it isn't. The people aren't that great, the weather is only good during the summer and it is suicide-city in the winter.

I will take -40 with sun over Vancouver's -4 with rain anyday.

Adam Snider said...

Speaking of Vancouver winters, is it true that the entire city shuts down if you get a couple of centimeters of snow?

My cousin (originally from Edmonton) moved to Van a few years back and drove to work after what would have been considered a light snowfall out here. The roads were empty, and when she got to the office, her boss was surprised to see her.

Does this little anecdote sum it up as well as I've been led to believe?

iris said...

Yes, but the snow here is SO different. I have never been in a winter accident for all of my years of driving in Edmonton, but the humidity and the 'wet' snow make driving (and walking) so difficult.

Heh - the funniest is people using umbrellas to protect themselves from the snow. REALLY!?