Saturday, October 20, 2007

No, I haven't forgotten

I was just ignoring you blog.

You see my life was boring. I was doing the same shit day-in and day-out. Sure, once and a while something would happen, but then I thought "Like you would care about this."

So I have decided to make you care! I do it to everyone else in my life, so why not you?

RECAP: April - October
  • two of my oldest and dearest friends got married - why? Love apparently, but I think its actually about the tax breaks
  • I was published, twice in fact. Nothing major, just a couple of little articles in a couple of mags. Yes I am bragging. I think I am cool.
  • I met a boy
  • I traveled a bunch. This summer I saw six of the ten provinces
  • became happy with Edmonton again. I mean, it is a severe change from the crack that is NYC.
  • got a REAL job
  • moved to Vancouver

Ok, so that pretty much catches you up. There was other stuff, but I wouldn't turn you off that quickly.

You may now return to your regular post.


Anonymous said...

I AM EXCITED!!! Add pics from Van city soon.


Anonymous said...

i'm bored, right another blog.