Sunday, July 30, 2006

God Bless Bloc Party!!!

Yesterday was EXHAUSTING!!! Mom and I went around the city all day, in the scorching heat and on the brutally hot subway. Mom was such a trooper, she kept on truckin' and made it through.

Then ... the best part of the day ... BLOC PARTY!!!

They were amazing. Possibly the best concert I have ever seen. The energy, the venue, the anticipation. BRILLIANT. First of all, the venue. Ruth and I made the trek to Brooklyn. It was my first time (other than the abandoned subway ride), but it was very easy to get to. We get to the venue, not knowing what to expect. Well ... it was hella cool!! An abandoned city pool, that was monsterous! Here is are a couple pics so you can visualize:

There was graffitti all along the sides - it was just sooo NY cool.

The opening bands were really good. I liked the first one a lot, Mew. They totally kicked ass. Download their stuff ASAP if you can. The second band was good ... Secret Machines. It was soooo hot! Beer was the only option! Had a couple beers, and then went to get into line before Bloc Party went on. The lines were sooo long. I had to waste 2 beer tickets b/c BP came on and there was just no way I was going to miss a single second of it!!!

First of all ... they are amazing. I have loved them since I illegally downloaded Tulips. Lis then gave me Silent Alarm and that was on constant rotation in my car and on my iPod for 3 months. Big Daddy then gave me Silent Alarm Remixed, another three months of constant rotation. BP has rapidly evolved into one of my favorite bands. The anticipation for this concert was HUGE!!! I was very excited!!

They came on and were brilliant. I can't say enough. Despite them only having one full-length album, they rule! I made it to the front of stage right - all the shows Lis and I have gone to has taught me that the sides of the stage are often easiest to get up close.

The setlist ws as follows: Waiting for the 718 / Positive Tension / Banquet / Blue Light / She's Hearing Voices / Hunting for Witches / This Modern Love / Like Eating Glass / Little Thoughts / Helicopter /// So Here We Are / Price of Gas / Compliments / Pioneeers

I thought I might be able to get the video I took last night up here, but it ain't workin'! DAMN!

I am taking mom to Babbo for dinner tonight - if you are a fan of Molto Mario on the Food Network, then you know the chef, Mario Battalli. I am very excited. I tried to go on Friday, but they didn't have any room for a single lady to sit and eat.

6 more days, but I am not sad. I don't feel as though I have wasted this time at all, and I will leave NYC having had the best summer of my life.

Oh, so I have lived essentially right next door to this diner, but I never really noticed it ... until I was taking the cab to the hotel the other day, and I see the sign:

I will be visiting it before I leave here, just so I can say ... Big Daddy has totally cooked me food ... has he done that for you lately HARP?? I didn't think so!!

shake what your mamma gave ya!



Anonymous said...

You can't skip a working class diner like that in NY Iris. It has got to be loaded with culture... and fattening american food. Hope your last few days in NY are awesome


GURGOAT said...

Bloc Party rocks... Awesome...

Anonymous said...

THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! I am still laughing, seriously Iris! I LOVE IT!! BD is reading right now and taking a while to get to the pics, I think he is a bit obbsessed with the bloc party bit. Waiting for a reaction...still waiting.... good he is slow...He is laughing too!!!


Iris said...

I am glad you enjoyed the pic. I am such a nerd for not noticing it earlier. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I will let you know about BD's cooking ...

Anonymous said...

I am not slow. I am thorough. I will be eating at Big Daddy Diner after I get my tattoo of little mama at Big Daddy Tattoo.
Big Daddy

Iris said...

I can't wait to see the skin art Big Daddy!!!!